Barcelona 900

Barcelona 900 is designed to reflect the classic style and distinctiveness of Spanish architecture, popular in the early California missions that stretched from San Diego de Alkalá to San Francisco Solamo.
• Classic style with the durability and value of concrete tile
• Distinct hue combinations that create a beautiful, rustic appearance

White - Color Coat
Canyon Dusk Blend
New Southern Blend
Khaki Blend

Chestnut Burnt
Florida Blend
Vermont Green

Casa Grande Blend
Campfire Blend
Desert Spice Blend

Barbados Blend
Gold Dust
Raspberry Sorbet
Pinto Blend

Spanish Blend
Mission Sunset
Burnt Mission

Citrus Clay

  • Code Approvals
  • MonierLifetile, A Boral Roofing Company, products meet code in all areas of the country. Code approvals for various areas of the country appear below.

ICC Evaluation ESR-1647 
FL Department Community Affairs 
Miami Dade Notice of Acceptance - Tile 
Miami Dade Notice of Acceptance - Wakaflex 
Los Angeles City Building Department Approval LA RR23700 
ICC-ESR 2015P - TRI Moderate Climate Concrete Roof Tile Installation Manual

Material Safety Data Sheet

MSDS - MonierLifetile Concrete Roof Tiles

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