NicheBuilder Backgrounds

NicheBuilder comes with 100 built-in background selections. Hover over any of the background choices below to change the background.

To set your site background, open all four included .dwt templates and look for the opening <body> tag.

There will be a class applied to the body tag with the first word being your site color scheme, and the second being your background style. By default the background is 'bg1'. Change bg1 to the selection you like from below and save the template. Repeat on all four templates and update all site pages.

See the included PDF users guide for changing color schemes and more information on changing backgrounds.

Click on each style number to preview backgrounds

bg1 bg2 bg3 bg4 bg5 bg6 bg7 bg8 bg9 bg10 bg11 bg12 bg13 bg14 bg15 bg16 bg17 bg18 bg19 bg20 bg21 bg22 bg23 bg24 bg25 bg26 bg27 bg28 bg29 bg30 bg31 bg32 bg33 bg34 bg35 bg36 bg37 bg38 bg39 bg40 bg41 bg42 bg43 bg44 bg45 bg46 bg47 bg48 bg49 bg50 bg51 bg52 bg53 bg54 bg55 bg56 bg57 bg58 bg59 bg60

The following backgrounds use a horizontally repeated image across the top of your site background. You can choose your own background color by editing the CSS background color for the style you choose. After click on a style, scroll to the top of the page to preview.

bg61 bg62 bg63 bg64 bg65 bg66 bg67 bg68 bg69 bg70 bg71 bg72 bg73 bg74 bg75 bg76 bg77 bg78 bg79 bg80 bg81 bg82 bg83 bg84 bg85 bg86 bg87 bg88 bg89 bg90 bg91 bg92 bg93 bg94 bg95 bg96 bg97 bg98 bg99 bg100